Earthquake Shell ShoXX Gamer set 320W

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The Earthquake Shell ShoXX system represents the pinnacle of tactile performance, designed specifically for the gaming market.

With massive percussion power and Earthquake’s patented 3D Motion™ technology, the Shell ShoXX system brings gaming immersion to a new level. With impact energy far beyond any consumer shaker, the gaming enthusiast will experience unprecedented tactile response.
Shell Shoxx is specifically designed for gaming enhancement. It is designed for serious gamers who want to be "in the middle of the action." The Shell Shoxx completely complements all computers or TV video games, especially first person shooters, fighting & war games, car racing games, and action-adventure games.

Shell Shoxx is a complete set that includes our patented shaker with matching amplifier and all necessary wires. The shaker is essentially a subwoofer but instead of emitting sound, it emits vibration. It is specifically designed to clamp onto any office chair base with its sturdy, vice-like arm. The Shell Shoxx amp has a powerful maximum output of 320 Watts, more than capable to handle the shaker's intense power demand.

With a sleek camouflage paint job, the Shell Shoxx for sure will add another dimension to your gaming experience, for any age group in any environment.

The Shell ShoXX system interprets the low frequency by-product of in-gaming events and converts them to the corresponding kinetic output (vibrations). With the Shell ShoXX shaker unit mounted to the gaming chair or other seating device, the tactile energy travels through the seat and into the user's body. The body then interprets this as a homogeneous combination of sound and physical impact, just as it would if the gaming battlefield had actual grenades going off and bullets flying.

The Shell ShoXX system is comprised of the MQB-XX shaker/tactile unit and the 300-XX digital Class J amplifier. Class J is an advanced class of amplifier invented by Earthquake. It is an evolution on class D, yielding higher efficiency and unmatched electromotive control over any coil/magnet motor. With 320 gut-wrenching watts of continuous power, the Shell ShoXX is ready for 24/7 frontline duty. This abundance of power available to the Neodynium based shaker motor makes the Shell ShoXX system deadly accurate and brutally honest. Any gamer knows that the bigger the gun the bigger the impact, this is also true for tactile effects. Do not be fooled into buying anemic, beginner systems sporting less than 100 watts.

Shell Shoxx comes with all the necessary accessories and wires. This easy install system requires no screws or installation. Simply clamp on, plug in, and play.



  • 320 watts into 4 ohms continuous
  • 160 watts into 8 ohms continuous
  • Frequency Response 28-175 Hz
  • Power 20-500 watt
  • Input Sensitivity for FullOutput: Max/min: 0,2V/1,7V
  • Output Impedance 10 Kohm


  • Frequency Response 15-50 Hz
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Power 20-500 W
  • Pipe Size 1,1"-1,5" (28 - 38 mm)


  • Tactile performance all the way down to 15Hz
  • Neodymium Magnet for High Performance
  • Output 320 Watts RMS
  • Enhanced low frequency extension for home theater 5.1 and 2-channel systems
  • Patented designs exclusive to Earthquake
  • Flat wire aluminum voice coil
  • Thermal protection
  • Rugged cast aluminum heat sink

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