THMP-1 Buttkicker 200W Pearl

Brand: Buttkicker
Weight: 7.50kg
Availability: In Stock
Price: 307.50€
Incl Tax: 369.00€

rSeat-Europe introduce your the THMP-1 the vibration generator seat  better than the Buttkicker gamer 2 ! 

Pearl has developed in partnership with ButtKicker this vibration generator which is normally intended to profesionnal acoustic market. The base which strongly resembles the Buttkicker Gamer 2 is however a completely new design. It is more imposing , more powerful and powered by a 200W amp ! It will vibrate your seat to the rhythm of your conduct, vibrators , shocks, music, sounds and engines in order to accentuate the low frequencies. It adapts to the majority of seats in the fixing on the frame.

RSeat delivers the THMP1 with a Jack / RCA cable instead of the Jack / Jack cable so you can connect it to a standard RCA output.

Careful to read :  As for the Buttkicker Gamer 2, a audio RCA (cinch) or 3.5 mm jack output is required for connecting the amplifier ! If you do not have this type of analog output your system is incompatible , no exchange will be given for this type of incompatibility.

At the back of your audio source (TV, amplifier , home theater .... ) you will recover the signal from left channel (usually a white RCA marked "L" or "LEFT" ) , the Xbox and Playstation having no analog output natively.
On televisions and stereo amplifier or home theater is generally indicated :  :(AUDIO OUT, AUDIO OUTPUT or LINE OUT)
On the PC and a sound system plugged into the back ( or its motherboard card ) the system will run under Windows 7, 8, 8.1 with the latest drivers . To recover the signal to the Buttkicker , plug the adapter 3.5mm jack / RCA on its front output (usually the headphone jack ) and connect the amp THMP -1 on it. Then give the information to your sound drivers that the connection should be front speaker .

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