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Delay in the delivery of our Moza Racing stock

We are currently facing a delay in the delivery of our Moza Racing stock, due to a prolonged strike in France.

Arrival in stock scheduled for April 4, 2023.

Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle

9 N·m of Torque from a Direct Drive Servo Motor
The settings of the wheel base, steering wheel, pedals, etc. can be modified through the MOZA APP. Settings can be imported with one click onto new simulators.
Unmatched quality and durability. The MOZA R9's whole housing is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
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Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle
Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle

Moza Racing R9 and GS Wheel Bundle

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: Moza Racing R9 V2 and GS V2 Alcantara Wheel Bundle
  • Weight: 10.00kg
  • Dimensions: 31.00cm x 29.00cm x 40.00cm
  • SKU: RS28+RS024
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Moza R9 V2 and GS V2 Alcantara Wheel Bundle


What's included in the Bundle:

    R9 V2 Wheel Base Specifications

      We have tested the Moza R9 V2  as well as its big brothers, the  R16 and R21  for long hours on all our RSeat range.
      We are proud to offer you this range and this new brand for the good of Simracing, as we are convinced that Moza products  will satisfy youimpress you , and in the near future  surprise you!
      MOZA R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase features  9 Nm exceptional torque and professional servo direct drive , which could meet the gaming and training  needs of most racers and offer realistic racing experience  both on the road and in the car. The R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase also features an  intelligent motor temperature control system  for monitoring the temperature of the motor and electronic components  in real-time to ensure the stable operation  in endurance competition through temperature control strategies. Designed with an  aviation-grade aluminum alloy body  and armed with  zero latency wireless technology , the R9 V2 Direct Drive Wheelbase is  lightweight, durable, and stable.

    • Applicable Platform : PC (Windows)
    • Driving Type: Direct Drive
    • Maximum Steering Angle : Unlimited
    • Maximum Torque : 9 Nm
    • Maximum Power : 180W
    • Input Voltage : 110V~220V AC - 36V DC
    • USB Refresh Rate : 1000Hz
    • Quick Release : D1 Compatible
    • Connection Port : Starting Switch, Power Supply, Data, Emergency Stop Switch, Display Screen
    • Mounting : 4 holes on the bottom(RSeat compatible); exclusive holder that supports angle adjustment and side fix; table clamp
    • Size : 240x157x124mm

    GS V2 Alcantara Steering Wheel

    Designed with Forged carbon fibre and Alcantara® made in Italy, armed with zero latency wireless technology, the GS V2 is lightweight and  durable.

    • Alcantara® Made In Italy
    • Forged Carbon Fibre Framework & Shifter Paddle .
    • To 300mm GT Standard Wheel. Grab ahold of the GS V2 wheel and have a real racing experience.
    • Dual Clutch Magnetic Shifter Paddles The contactless photoelectric technology makes the paddles extremely reliable. Efficiently perform a dual clutch start in iRacing and F1 races. Avoid powertrain damage caused by shifting errors.
    • Customized Quick Release Switch the GS V2 wheel in split seconds. The GS V2 wheel uses a quick-release system derived from the steering wheel systems of real race cars. Ensuring a stable connection between the wheel and the wheel base.
    • 10 Luminous Programmable Mechanical Keys. There are 10 illuminated programmable mechanical keys. Clearly feel each keypress with a satisfying click. The keys have 8 different color options.
    • Ergonomical Design The hand grips on the GT wheel offer the driver a comfortable but firm grip. Allowing the driver to maintain perfect control, even against the strong force feedback of R21. From the thumb knobs to the shifter paddles, all buttons are ergonomically positioned for quick access.
    • RGB Sequential Shifter Light Indicator. The sequential shifter has 7 adjustable colors. Drivers can customize the speed, the colors, and more.


    • Grip Material : Alcantara® made in Italy
    • Frame and Front Plate Material : Forged carbon fiber
    • Shifter Paddle Material : 3 mm-thick forged carbon fiber
    • Size : 300mm GT standard wheel
    • Magnetic Shifter Paddles : 2
    • Dual Clutch Paddles : 2
    • Luminous Mechanical Keys : 10
    • Thumb Knobs (pressable) : 2
    • Band Knobs : 5
    • LED Lamp Beads RGB: 10
    • LED Colors : 7 for customization
    • Intelligent Telemetry : YES
    • Knock-Down (K/D) Method : D1 spec quick release
    • Paddle Sensor : Contactless photoelectric sensor
    • Dual Clutch Shifter Paddle Modes : Synthesis axis/Independent axis/button

    Compatible Games with Moza Racing products

    • Assetto Corsa
    • Assetto Corsa Competizione
    • Dirty Rally
    • Dirt Rally 2.0
    • Dirt 4
    • F1 2018
    • F1 2019
    • F1 2020
    • F1 2021
    • Project CARS 1
    • Project CARS 2
    • Project CARS 3
    • iRacing
    • Forza Horizon 4
    • Forza Horizon 5 (Win 10)
    • Live For Speed
    • Automobilista
    • Automobilista 2
    • rFactor2
    • Euro Truck Simulator 2
    • American Truck Simulator
    • KartKarft
    • WRC 9
    • WRC 10
    • BeamNG.Drive
    • MudRunner
    • Wreckfest
    • RaceRoom Racing Experience



    France Simulateur SARL, ensures the consumer that Moza Racing products only purchased from France Simulateur SARL on its websites or in its stores, the name and address of the customer, the order number, the date of order and the serial number of the product as a reference, must be free of defects of materials and fabrication, for a period of guarantee that corresponds to the time to initiate an action in conformity on this product. In the European Union, this corresponds to a period of two (2) years from the delivery of the product.

    In case if the product proves to be defective during the warranty period, please contact Technical Support immediately, who will advise you on the procedure to follow. If the defect is established, the product must be returned to the place of purchase.

    Under the terms of this warranty, the consumer’s defective product must, at the request of Technical Support, be replaced or restored to functionality.

    This warranty does not apply:

    1. If the product has been modified, opened, altered, or damaged as a result of improper or abusive use, or negligence, an accident, normal use, or any other cause not related to a defect of material or construction.

    2. During the warranty period, France Simulateur will not, in principle, provide any spare parts, as the support is the only one authorized to open and/or recondition any Moza Racing product.

    3. If the product was used for a use other than domestic, including at professional ends or commercial ends (rooms of plays, trainings, competitions, events)

    4. Under no circumstances, France Simulateur can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of the adaptation of accessories other than the brand MOZA Racing

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