BREXIT  Update

New RSeat S1 Presentation

30 May 2018,

After a long and hard work, we finally came to an end, and our newest product can rise.

It’s called S1, as simple as it can be. 

It comes with a new frame design adjustable to each player necessity regarding position and choice of accessories, as it is compatible with a lot of products, such as mid-range wheels, direct drive wheels and pedals, for your full efficiency on the virtual tracks.

Between RS1 and N1, the RSeat S1 has been designed to have extrem rigidity with a compact dimension. The S1 receives the same wheel support as the N1 model, a pedals support with sliders, a removable wheel mount and inaugurates a new, strong and adjustable mount system for joysticks, throttles, shifters and handbrakes. The S1 is not only a Simracing Product, we have also developed it as a seat for flight simulation. The pilot is able to remove the wheel deck and have a fully dedicated Flight Sim Cockpit.

Now you have almost all the details for this new RSeat, visit us on for more information and start making your new configuration !

Have fun !
RSeat Europe Team