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France Simulateur SARL is based in the Haut Rhin department of Alsace, France.

The company was founded by Manuel FLORY, who initially started as a small "micro-entreprise" in 2009. As a professional mechanic and car bodyworker, as well as a mechanic and tuner for competition motorcycles, including endurance racing and participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans,
Being a fan of Racing Games, he quickly understood the essential role of a rig supporting the steering wheels and pedals of simulators at that time.

In 2011
, France Simulateur SARL was officially founded with partners and emerging brands in the Simracing industry.

In 2012
, France Simulateur SARL established an unbreakable partnership with RSeat LTD, a Bulgarian manufacturer of racing simulation chassis.
RSeat LTD is known worldwide for their high rigidity and manufacturing quality, with their chassis being fully made and designed in Europe. This partnership laid the foundation for numerous Simracing chassis manufacturers and builders to consider RSeat's products as a benchmark.
The RSeat brand, founded by the Gardevski engineers and brothers in Bulgaria, along with the European distributor France Simulateur SARL, changed the scale, quality, and rigidity of chassis, making them a reference point.

End of 2012, a new associate came in with Jean-Marie ZMIRO, who is a motorsport enthuasiast, and simacer.
Former IT Technician, he had join the company to support and help with the RSeat Racing Team as a Manager, and slowly be part of the organisation to be nowadays the International Marketing Manager.

From 2011 to 2015
, the brand introduced RS EVO, RS1, RS Formula, N1, and S1 models, which still remain relevant today.
The RS1
model, now over 10 years old, has been distributed worldwide in thousands of units.

From 2016
to the present, RSeat has been innovating with more radical models designed for direct drive steering wheels with torque exceeding 30Nm and hydraulic brake pedal systems capable of handling up to 200kg of pressure! B1, P1, and C1 are the most functional and rigid chassis currently available on the market, manufactured in steel!

The A1 models made of aluminum are now available since 2023
. RSeat has chosen to take the time for development and has made a step forward in this market. The manufacturing quality available on the A1 chassis is unparalleled, thanks to partners in Europe for raw materials, paint treatment, molds, and assembly and alignment parts.
The brands we distribute on our websites and the available manufacturers are tested and validated by our internal teams
, showcasing the quality and rigidity of RSeat chassis.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional driver, we offer a range of products that we have mastered to provide you with maximum immersion, realism, feeling in the steering wheels and pedals, progressive braking capabilities, authentic track sensations, and the addition of haptic feedback, catering to all budgets.

We take pride in providing excellent customer service
Our knowledgeable team will guide you in your purchase and assist you in configuring your installation on our RSeat cockpits.

For 2023-2024,
we have partnered with Simagic and Asetek, choosing brands that bring you pleasure and competition with their high-performance, aesthetic, and professional products.
Our D-BOX range and Buttkicker products will add "Haptic" adrenaline to your driving experience. France Simulateur SARL is not just a "wholesaler" or a "distributor," but a team of passionate individuals, experienced professionals who understand the Simracing industry and can advise you on your various choices.
From your simulator project and/or your garage, to your first race, and if you need to go through the pit lane for technical issues, we will be there to listen to you

This is our strength, and it will remain so!


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