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Simagic GT-PRO Hub
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic GT-PRO Hub
Simagic GT-PRO HubThis GT-Pro hub allows you to adapt the wheel of your choice associated with all the functions necessary for our driving simulator. Its CNC machined aluminum case, its carbon facade and its magnetic shifters once again gathers all the Simagic know-how! Tech specs :RPM ..
Ex Tax:399.17€
Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel R/D
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel R/D
Simagic GT1 Steering Wheel R/D seriesSimagic GT1-R steering wheel, compatible with all Simagic bases. It is equipped with the quick-release of the Simagic ecosystem similar to what we find in the racing world. This steering wheel works wirelessly thanks to the radio system of the Simagic ecosy..
Ex Tax:374.17€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Q1 sequential shifter
Simagic Q1 sequential shifterResulting from more than two years of research and development, this shifter designed for our driving simulators allows you to recreate all the sensations of a mechanical sequential gearbox. Thanks to its adjustable cam system you can adjust the mechanical feeling of..
Ex Tax:332.50€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Steering Wheel 300 series
Simagic Steering Wheel 300 seriesSimagic steering wheel without hub. Available in leather or alcantara. Fits on the Hub GT1 / Hub Pro. It is also possible to use the steering wheel alone with a Simagic QR or for all your DIY projects.without Quick Release..
Ex Tax:115.83€
Simagic Carbone Plate Heel Riser for Pedals P2000
Brand: Simagic Model: Carbon Plate for Pedals P2000
Simagic Carbone Plate Heel Riser for Pedals P2000Option for the SIMAGIC P2000 crankset. Carbon fiber plate. Allows to raise the heels to improve the comfort of driving and adapt to all morphologies...
Ex Tax:57.50€
Brand: Simagic Model: Handle for Shifter Simagic Q1/Q1S/DS-8X
Handle for Shifter Q1/Q1S/DS-8XSimagic offers a new range of gear knobs adaptable on all the range of Shifter Q1 and Q1s as well as the H-box DS8-X Available versions :Standard long shifter (120mm) resin P-RSK round carbon knob Oblong carbon knob P-TSK..
Ex Tax:33.25€
Simagic Heel Stop for P2000
Brand: Simagic Model: Heel Stop for P2000
Heel Stop for P2000Heel stop for the Simagic P2000 pedal board (compatible with the 2 or 3 pedals version) CNC machined aluminum, Screws and bolts included..
Ex Tax:45.75€
Simagic P2000 Long Throttle Plate option
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic P2000 Long Throttle Plate option
Simagic P2000 Long Throttle Plate optionThrottle pedal plate long board version. Option for the P2000 pedal board to replace the original one...
Ex Tax:40.83€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Q1S sequential shifter
Simagic Q1S sequential shifterThe Simagic Q1S is here to fulfill the needs of all sequential shifters lovers. Thanks to its minimal design and the planetary gears system (the same used in real rally cars) it will give you the most authentic simulation experience. The body is entirely made from..
Ex Tax:215.83€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Shifter DS-8X H/SQ
Dual shift with 8 gears and SQShifter 8+R + sequential Simagic. Complete shifter for our simulations with its sequential mode + H gearbox 8 gears + 1 reverse (historical vehicles, rally, drift, truck ….) Tech specs :Premium materials and construction. Machined aluminum body Two mod..
Ex Tax:374.17€
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