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EU VAT rules for E-Commerce

Dear Customers,

RSeat France and RSeat Europe are now fully compliant with the most recent e-commerce VAT reform.

What does this reform says ?
Distance sales of goods are now subject to the VAT rate of the purchaser's Member State of the European Union above a certain intra-community, globalized and harmonized VAT threshold.

What does it mean as a customer ?
Well, from now on, the VAT will be due in the Member State of destination.

Our websites have just been updated, the prices which are shown will therefore be displayed the French VAT at 20%, as we are located in France, until you are logged in on the website.
The VAT rates of each member country are visible here.

It will therefore be necessary to create a customer account in order to see the final price with taxes included depending on country and delivery address.

The VAT will be displayed clearly at the bottom of the basket, and will be the rate of your country.

Meanwhile, we also advise our European customers to be aware that the Tax corresponding to their country must be clearly indicated in their order and in the invoice, as many online shops still do not comply with this rule, which is now mandatory in all EU member states.
You can find the information of this new regulation here.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach us over email on

The RSeat Europe Team.