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Simagic Q1 Sequential Shifter
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Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Q1 sequential shifter
Simagic Q1 sequential shifterResulting from more than two years of research and development, this shifter designed for our driving simulators allows you to recreate all the sensations of a mechanical sequential gearbox. Thanks to its adjustable cam system you can adjust the mechanical feeling of..
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Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic TB-1 Handbrake
Simagic TB-1 HandbrakeFull metal construction: Precision CNC Machining produces a solid structure that ensures excellent performance even under high loads. Dual mode switching: Dual mode lever allows to quickly switch between street racing and track racing. 2-stage resistance system: The 2-sta..
Ex Tax:190.83€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic Handbrake
Simagic TB-RS Hydraulic HandbrakeImmersive Sensations Relive the Thrill of Speed: Exceptional Hydraulic System, Authentic Replication of a Real brake system. Reproduces 1:1 braking feel for an immersive experience. Innovative elastomers designed for easy replacement. Accurately achieve your d..
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Ex Tax:332.50€
Brand: Simagic Model: Handle for Shifter Simagic Q1/Q1S/DS-8X
Handle for Shifter Q1/Q1S/DS-8XSimagic offers a new range of gear knobs adaptable on all the range of Shifter Q1 and Q1s as well as the H-box DS8-X Available versions :Standard long shifter (120mm) resin P-RSK round carbon knob Oblong carbon knob P-TSK..
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Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Multifunctional L-Shaped Bracket
Simagic Multifunctional L-Shaped Bracket P-LokThe special L-plate bracket makes side mounting possible. Add more flexibility to your sim-racing setup. Precision CNC Machining, tailored for SIMAGIC products. 4x M6x14 Screws included.Compatibility :Q1 Q1S DS-8x TB-1..
Ex Tax:24.17€
Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Q1S sequential shifter
Simagic Q1S sequential shifterThe Simagic Q1S is here to fulfill the needs of all sequential shifters lovers. Thanks to its minimal design and the planetary gears system (the same used in real rally cars) it will give you the most authentic simulation experience. The body is entirely made from..
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Brand: Simagic Model: Simagic Shifter DS-8X H/SQ
Dual shift with 8 gears and SQShifter 8+R + sequential Simagic. Complete shifter for our simulations with its sequential mode + H gearbox 8 gears + 1 reverse (historical vehicles, rally, drift, truck ….) Tech specs :Premium materials and construction. Machined aluminum body Two mod..
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