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RS1 Alcantara®

The Bestseller by RSeat
RS1 Wheeldeck support allow to adjust height of the wheel ±8 cm (3.15”) and is able to carry a wide range of steering wheels, included direct drive !
Sturdy pedals support, compatible with high end pedals. The optional RS1 Pro Pedals Upgrade kit allows you to upgrade the RS1 pedals support for very high brake pressures and sliders for quick and easy adjustment.
The RS1 comes with Shifter mount. Solid design, can support a wide range of shifters with ease.Thrustmaster TH8RS, TH8A Add-On Shifter – Fanatec ClubSport Shifter SQ (all versions), ClubSport Shifter – Logitech G29 Shifter, G920 Shifter, G27 Shifter, G25 Shifter – DSD Shifter, and more..
Trusted by thousands of happy customers and Simracers worldwide since over 10 years, the RS1 frame is solid and durable ! Made of Laser cut carbon steel and cnc bended round tubes which guarantees extreme rigidity and solidity !
Bucket Seat shell made of composite materials and finished in gloss black. Seat sliders allow to adjust it front-backwards ±90mm (3.54inch) Highly wear resistant suitable for game race centers. Available in eco-leather or Alcantara®
Optional : Mount support for Buttonbox, tablets and smartphones and for DSD Button controllers, Track Boss, DSD Black Max, DSD Black Max II and more. Made of laser cut carbon steel and round tubes. Angle and tilt adjustable (both tablet mount and buttonbox mount).
Frame step on the ground by 4 adjustable legs (37mm diameter each).
Optional : Keyboard and Mouse support made of laser cut carbon steel and round tubes. Fully Adjustable!
Optional : Buttkicker Support for all Buttkicker models including Buttkicker™ Gamer 2, Pearl™ THMP1, ButtKicker™ Simulation Kit, ButtKicker™ Advance, ButtKicker™ Mini LFE, Earthquakesound® Shell Shoxx etc...

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