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ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-Ci

New amplifier : The latest BKA-130-Ci has an upgraded power chip along with alterations to the debounce circuit to make the on/off switching much better

Designed to power one mini-Concert or two mini-LFEs; includes wired remote control. The BKA-130-Ci amplifier is included with the ButtKicker Gamer2 and the ButtKicker Simulation Kit.

The ButtKicker BKA-130-Ci mini power amplifier is the perfect power amp for one ButtKicker mini Concert or two mini LFE transducers. The BKA-130-Ci is a digital, fanless, convection cooled, mono amplifier. The included wired remote control makes it an ideal choice for single seat installations, providing each seat with individual control of the installed ButtKicker transducer.

The BKA-130-Ci features both an RCA input and output for “daisy chaining” signal to multiple units. The BKA-130-Ci offers a variable 40Hz to 160Hz High Cut Filter, a 25Hz Low Cut Filter, volume adjustment on the amplifier and wired remote, a power saving standby mode, and a 5 way binding post (banana jack) output.

Features :

All new ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-Ci. This rock-solid amp cranks 90Watts of power into your seat. It’s convection-cooled with vents so there’s no noisy fan. Also comes with a wired remote control so you can stash the amp out of sight and still operate its core features. Learn more about the BKA-130-Ci digital amplifier.

Package Contents :

  • ButtKicker Power Amplifier BKA-130-Ci 220-230V
  • Remote Controler

Product Specifications :

Power Amplifier BKA-130-Ci

  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 12.3 x 11.1 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg
  • Power Output: 90 watts @ 2 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 10-300Hz

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