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Moza SRP 2 Pedals

Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals
Moza SRP 2 Pedals

Moza SRP 2 Pedals

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  • Box Weight: 10.00kg
  • Package: 46.00cm x 43.00cm x 18.00cm
  • SKU: RS11
  • EAN: 0723497239349
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MOZA SR-P 2 Pedals with Loadcell. Testing Handled by Experienced Drivers

Moza Racing is in the business of developing quality sim racing products that racers can trust and rely upon for endurance. R&D is conducted by professional engineers experienced in the field of racing simulation. Feedback from professional and amateur sim racers helps our engineers evaluate and deliver a high-quality sim racing experience.

  • The SR-P Pedals feature a high precision load cell sensor offering the most accurate way to measure applied force. Potentiometer-based pedals are inconstant in measuring applied force. And when it comes to shaving seconds off a lap time, a driver needs to haver precise control.
  • Almost every part of the SR-P is made with high-strength Steel. Offering the driver, a solidly built, durable platform that can handle the brake stomps, and the quick foot work on the throttle.
  • The organ-type accelerator pedal allows the driver's foot and pedal to follow the same trajectory. Which makes throttle control easier and more accurate.
  • SR-P Pedals are compatible with other products as you can use them with USB together with any other brand.


  • Pedals Core material  : High-strength Steel
  • Pedals Plate material  : Aluminium
  • Connection type : USB
  • Platform : PC (Windows)
  • The actual maximum monitoring force of the brake : 75KG
  • Throttle form : Organ floor type
  • Pedal force : Adjustable
  • Pedal distance : Adjustable
  • Pedal Flush : Adjustable
  • Pedal stroke : Adjustable
  • Size : 364mm*415.1mm*256.5mm
  • Mass : 7.5KG

What's Included

Brake, and Throttle, Base Plate x1, USB cable, Screw kit.

Compatible Games with Moza Racing products

  • Assetto Corsa
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
  • Dirty Rally
  • Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Dirt 4
  • F1 2018
  • F1 2019
  • F1 2020
  • F1 2021
  • Project CARS 1
  • Project CARS 2
  • Project CARS 3
  • iRacing
  • Forza Horizon 4
  • Forza Horizon 5 (Win 10)
  • Live For Speed
  • Automobilista
  • Automobilista 2
  • rFactor2
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • American Truck Simulator
  • KartKarft
  • WRC 9
  • WRC 10
  • BeamNG.Drive
  • MudRunner
  • Wreckfest
  • RaceRoom Racing Experience



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This warranty does not apply:

1. If the product has been modified, opened, altered, or damaged as a result of improper or abusive use, or negligence, an accident, normal use, or any other cause not related to a defect of material or construction.

2. During the warranty period, France Simulateur will not, in principle, provide any spare parts, as the support is the only one authorized to open and/or recondition any Moza Racing product.

3. If the product was used for a use other than domestic, including at professional ends or commercial ends (rooms of plays, trainings, competitions, events)

4. Under no circumstances, France Simulateur can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequences of the adaptation of accessories other than the brand MOZA Racing

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